What are readers saying so far

“I really enjoyed reading all the wonderful poems in Tell Her She’s Lovely. There is such a nice progression of the book going through the different stages of conflict, confrontation, and finally peace. I can really feel the difference of the stages, and felt the pieces and journey of self love to be easily relatable. Dhara offers a unique perspective with the metaphors she uses to tell her story. Overall it’s a very beautifully written book and I highly recommend it!

– Bhavi Patel, CEO at Simply B

“Tell Her She’s Lovely is a relatable and captivating anthology. Dhara paints a picture with her words that will strike a chord with readers. ‘Tell Her She’s Lovely’ is a beautifully written anthology that many women can relate to; the journey of recognizing our own fears and inner doubt, and striving to not only love ourselves, but channel that love into power.”

– Kathy Meyer, Trade Promotions and Customer Strategy Associate Manager at J&J

“Tell Her She’s Lovely was such a beautiful story told through a series of wonderfully written poems. As I read the book I felt like I was going through all of the different stages in real time. I found myself getting goosebumps at times that I connected to such powerful words and that many women can connect to as well.”

– Breanna Janee, Fitness and Health Coach

“Tell Her She’s Lovely was recommended to me by a good friend of mine. The author brings you along on a journey through some of life’s most relatable experiences. She reminds you hardships faced everyday can be overwhelming, but by confronting those challenges, one can truly find peace. Some of my favorite pieces from the book are The Phoenix, Tell Her She’s Lovely and Company Like Coffee. Overall, a great read!”

– Ricky Soto, Associate Manager at Prudential Financial

Tell her she’s lovely was a wonderfully written anthology that contained so much heart and soul. I connected so much with so many of the poems as I went though the journey that Dhara laid out in the book, one that many of us are familiar with. Would definitely recommend giving it a read!

Nirmala Penmatsa Application Development Analyst at Accenture