‘Tell Her She’s Lovely’, the origins of the poem

‘Tell Her She’s Lovely’, the origins of the poem

‘Tell Her She’s Lovely’ is the poem that inspired my anthology.

I remember after a normal day at my 9 to 5 in Brooklyn, I was on the NJ transit heading home. My commutes one way were roughly two hours, assuming there were no delays. Which, when I think back at my one year commuting, that was hardly the case.

I just remember how instinctively I was in a state where I was seeking external validation from certain relationships and quite honestly wasn’t receiving any. In the quest to express my frustration I opened my iPhone’s notepad application and started scribbling away random words.

Suddenly words such as “flower”, “sea”, “heat”, and “world” were only second nature to me. My name means Earth after all.

I just don’t know till this day how this invisible force told me to post this one poem on my social media three years ago. But when I did I was so taken a back that people actually liked the poem!

I was told the next day by peers, “how long did it take you to write this poem?”. If I had to put a time on it I’d say from the time I wrote the poem to the time I posted on IG probably took 30-40 minutes max.

I truly think that when you have this innate message you want to bring forth it flows so naturally. You don’t have to force anything, because the passion and truth is there.

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25 Self-love affirmations that are powerful

25 Self-love affirmations that are powerful
Photo by Happiness Maker on Pexels.com

You clicked on this page, because there’s a powerful sense of self-love brewing inside of you.

Before you continue, I ask you take out a journal or a piece of paper to write each affirmation as you say it out loud.

I want you to take a deep breath before reading each affirmation.
Self love starts with our subconscious minds. What you think translates to who the universe perceives you are.
We will take five breaks.

What are affirmations you can recite for self love?

  1. I am a magnet for all the abundance in the world.
  2. I am successful in taking transformative risks in my career.
  3. I am an intuitive and powerful human being.
  4. I bring unique and creative gifts into the world.
  5. My presence adds value to any room I’m a part of.

How did that feel?

Take a moment to revisit each point and to reflect.

Here are our next five:

  1. I have opportunities flowing to me.
  2. The universe is conspiring in my favor.
  3. I am my ancestor’s wildest dreams.
  4. I am a resourceful and genuine human being.
  5. I never fail only receive feedback.

How did that feel?

Take a moment to find one affirmation that resonated the most with you. Write it down again.

Here are our next five:

  1. I make money by helping others
  2. I am aligning with my higher purpose
  3. I am devoted to the betterment of the world and to others
  4. I exude confidence in every situation
  5. I find creating solutions to any roadblock in my path

How did that feel?

What roadblocks can you reframe as opportunities? Write them down.

Here are our next five:

  1. I am a helpful colleague and family member.
  2. I am an entrepreneur.
  3. I am financially free.
  4. I am open to receiving from the universe.
  5. I find creating solutions to any roadblock in my path

How did that feel?

What would be the first thing you’d do when you become financially free? Write them down.

Here are our last five.

  1. I am a beautiful/handsome human being.
  2. I was made for a divine purpose in this world.
  3. I am the only ‘me’ in this world.
  4. Everyone appreciates my talents and work.
  5. I am financially abundant.

If you followed along or even read a few here congratulations you’ve invested in yourself. Affirmations are powerful self-empowerment tools.

For more self-empowerment poems you can check out Tell Her She’s Lovely, an anthology by Dhara Singh.