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Journalist at Yahoo Finance / Master’s at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism/ Creative Writer / LifeResume LLC Coach

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Dhara Singh

I’ve always been a creative soul who looked at empty notebook pages as blank canvases growing up.

A best friend would call me a “Renaissance Woman” someone with an insatiable curiosity who would dabble in a multitude of subjects. But while these interests would waiver, writing remained a single constant.

Essay writing and journaling were the norm. Poetry, on the other hand was unfamiliar territory.

I still remember that day ‘Tell her she’s lovely’ the poem was written in 2017 and how the words were assembled unexpectedly.

It was much more than a single poem, but a reflection into my first steps towards self-empowerment.

Tell her she’s lovely’ demonstrates my journey embracing poetry while simultaneously taking steps towards self-love. Today, as we’re all coping with unprecedented changes, I want to share lessons I’ve learned from my transformative journey in the form of my anthology with you.